Lamp aging line

Lamp aging line

T5 bracket automatic aging machine YZ-L-T503 is a mature product developed by our company. It has wide application range, high efficiency and stable operation. It is suitable for automatic aging of 600, 900 and 1200 T5 bracket lights.

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First, the device features:

Conventional aging function: power supply with safety isolation transformer, high voltage + normal pressure + low voltage + online multi-voltage roaming + online ON/OFF impact aging test aging.

Second, the design basis and main parameters:

1. This equipment is mainly used for detecting and aging LED lights. Through low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, roaming, impact, analog grid voltage, the products are aging tested to observe whether the products are not bright, stroboscopic, color difference and other bad quality. .

2, the aging output per batch: 120PCS.

3, design process line speed: 0.3-2m / min stepless adjustable.

4, design aging temperature: room temperature 60 (using the heat generated by the product itself aging, automatic discharge automatically, no heating device).

5, voltage design range: 100V-110V-120V-200V-220V-240V six fixed voltage.

6, the design load of this line is 400W per board, it is strictly prohibited to overload the operation!

Third, the process:

Lamp assembly line product manual on-line 100V aging for a period of time 110V aging period 120V aging period 200V aging period 220V aging period 240 aging period 100V aging period (such continuous circulation) set time to off-line electrical parameter detection Withstand voltage detection manually sorts good and bad products according to the operation interface prompts.

(1) It can automatically complete the aging of T5 bracket and automatically pull up and down materials.

(2) The system is controlled by PLC, and has data monitoring and statistical output: boot time monitoring, capacity monitoring, defect rate monitoring, equipment fault information, etc.

(3) Aging any partition. The aging voltage is 110V-250V and the frequency is 50-60Hz.

(4) The machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line.

(5) The machine can be replaced according to different user requirements, can be replaced with product specifications, simple adjustment and debugging, and is suitable for large-volume single-variety production. At the same time, the top surface of the body can also be aged by hand to small batches.

(6) The exterior surface of the machine is painted with a lacquered panel.

(1) Equipment model: YZ-L-T503

(2) Production speed: 1,200 / hour

(3) Aging time: 30 minutes

(4) T5 Dimensions: 600, 900, 1200

(5) Motor power: 1.5KW

(6) Power type: 380V 50Hz

(7) Machine noise: ≤80dB

(8) Gas source: 0.6-0.8MPa

(9) Air consumption: 1000Mз/H

(10) Dimensions: 12MX1.7MX1.5M

(11) Machine weight: 4000KG