How to eliminate the incandescent lamp cartoning machine


The incandescent lamp cartoning machine is easy to use and requires no extensive operating experience. However, if the incandescent cartoner fails, you can use the following aspects to troubleshoot.

1. The incubator of the incandescent lamp cartoning machine is unsuccessful. It may be that the vacuum pipe or the gas distribution plate is blocked or leaked. The gas path and the gas distribution plate need to be carefully inspected; if the suction cup is aging in the suction box mechanism, the suction cup needs to be replaced; If the tray storage rack is not properly adjusted, you need to press the adjustment step again to adjust it; if the suction cup angle is not correct, you need to reset the working angle of the suction tray in the man-machine interface.

2. The incandescent lamp cartoning machine can not be sucked down. There are several cases: the suction nozzle does not touch the instruction manual; there is no vacuum generated when the suction nozzle contacts the instruction manual; the suction force of the suction nozzle is not enough. In this case, the suction nozzle needs to be adjusted. In the man-machine interface, reset the working angle of the manual and check the vacuum line of the device to eliminate the blocking condition.

3. Aspirate multiple instructions, the angle of the tray is not suitable; the following manual is not separated. It is necessary to readjust the paper nozzle and remove the paper sticking.

4. The incandescent lamp cartoning machine has a problem with the carton lock, the small tongue of the carton can't be closed; the big tongue of the carton is not inserted, or it has a circular arc shape; when the carton is closed, the outer big tongue (on the side of the operation surface) Can't enter the carton. It is necessary to check whether the two front and rear stations of the small tongue are in place; adjust the height of the upper pressure rail at the closing tongue, which should be 0.5~1 mm higher than the paper box; adjust the position of the upper pressing block at the closing tongue.

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