Bulb light automatic assembly machine is replacing manual production


All the commissioning personnel of Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. have returned to the assembly of a new batch of machinery. In the increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry, many enterprises have suffered from the competition. Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. has steadily moved forward, ending the previous one. The commissioning of the batch is put into a new batch of orders.

Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. breaks through scientific and technological innovation

Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. has developed a ball consisting of more than 10 stations, such as automatic lamp holder, rotating lamp head, trimming line, upper rivet, nailing, testing, glue, upper ball cover, pressure ball cover, and automatic lowering lamp. The bulb automatic assembly machine (also known as the LED bulb automatic assembly machine) realizes the automation of LED bulb production and assembly, and the production efficiency and product quality have been significantly improved.

Intelligent production instead of manual productivity improvement

The LED bulb is composed of a heat sink, a driving, a light source substrate, a ball cover, a lamp cap, and a rivet. The conventional LED bulb assembly is assembled by hand, and has problems such as low efficiency, high cost, and many defective products. In order to replace the manual assembly, the R&D personnel analyzes the structural parameters of various LED bulb assembly parts one by one, determines the assembly time and operation time of each process, and the number of assembly stations. After repeated trials and several improvements, the final development This rotary bulb automatic assembly machine is out.

For the production of LED lights, in the past manual operation, a worker can assemble 300 LED lights in 8 hours working time; and with this equipment, under the same conditions, more than 10,000 LED lights can be assembled, and the efficiency is improved by 35. Times around. Not only that, this rotary LED light automatic assembly machine can produce at least 1200 LED lights per hour, while the long-distance machine that was commonly used has an output of only 700 per hour.