Application of bulb assembly machine


In modern society, the requirements for automation are getting higher and higher. Many mechanical automations have replaced labor, which not only greatly saves labor costs, but also saves production costs while improving production efficiency. It can be said that it is more than one.

The bulb lamp assembly machine developed and produced by Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. is different from the previous straight type. It adopts the design position of large plate and small plate, which saves the company a large area and can accommodate at the same time in a limited production workshop. Multi-billiard bubble lamp assembly machine.

The process of the bulb assembly machine includes feeding, trimming, dot-punching, tightening, testing, rivet dispensing, upper bulbs, etc. Each step can be neatly organized, well-organized, and equipped with sophisticated procedures, machines. The production efficiency can reach 1200/h or more, which has a qualitative improvement on the production efficiency of the bulb manufacturer.

For the automation, production efficiency, cost saving and site of the bulb assembly machine, it has been widely used in the bulb lighting industry and has become a new type of production automation equipment. Not only in the field of bulbs, the current trend of LED lighting has begun to transition to automated production, and demand will grow in the next few years. Guangzhou Yuzao Robot is also adapting to the development of the industry. On the road of research and development and manufacturing of non-standard machinery industry, every step of the footsteps, many years of manufacturing and sales, has been affirmed by all customers, I believe it will go further and further.

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