Spotlight cartoning machine features


Spotlight Cartoning Machine Scope: It can pack cartons of various shapes of wine. It can realize a series of packaging functions such as online feeding, conveying, automatic cartoning, sealing and online testing.

Spotlight Cartoning Machine Features:

1. The spotlight cartoning machine can automatically feed, and the floor space is small, saving people and saving electricity.

2, touch screen man-machine interface, servo drive control, simple operation, intuitive display, modular design of electrical appliances, digital control.

3, advanced configuration, more than 90% of the electrical components of the machine: Omron, Schneider and other imported well-known brands.

4. Product adoption: It is integrated with front-end docking or manual loading and feeding mechanism, and it is compact in structure, simple in operation, stable in operation, reliable in noise and high in tracking accuracy.

5. Equipped with advanced computer control system to realize product statistics, equipment operation status statistics, fault maintenance index and various packaging materials supplementary detection, alarm and emergency automatic shutdown to ensure safe and accurate operation of the whole machine.

6. The vacuum system adopts imported vacuum pump, which is stable and reliable.

The spotlight cartoning machine is suitable for the loading of medicine plates, hoses, bottles and similar items. It can be continuously operated and packed, with a high speed of 370 boxes/min, high packaging efficiency and excellent quality. Technology Products. It can automatically complete the manual folding, carton opening, plate packing, printing batch number, sealing and so on. Adopt high frequency speed regulation and man-machine interface PLC control. Photoelectric monitoring of a part of the action, an abnormality in the operation, can automatically stop the display of the cause, in order to eliminate the fault in time.

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