GU10 cartoning machine production speed


The speed of carton packaging and cartoning depends on many factors. In the past, the box-opening mechanism of the cartoning machine was a batch structure, and the conveying of the carton was also intermittent.

Intermittent mechanisms are not suitable for high-speed packaging, because the speed increase system will be unstable, its production speed is generally 50 ~ 80 boxes / min, the speed can reach 80 ~ 100 boxes / min faster. Due to the influence of packaging materials, the packing speed of the batch type cartoning machine in China has been maintained only between 35 and 100 boxes/min, while the continuous structure of the GU10 cartoning machine can maintain the cartoning speed at 180 boxes. /min or so.

For example, the high-speed cartoning machine for common hose products can reach 180 to 200 boxes/min, and a high-speed cartoning machine with a capacity of 250 to 350 boxes/min has been developed. The high-speed cartoning machine of the high-speed blister packaging production line can also reach 200 boxes/min. The production speed can be adjusted freely for different packaging lines.

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