Preparation of LED flood light assembly machine before production


The light-emitting luminaires must carry out some preparatory work before entering the production of the automatic production line. In the end, what should be prepared? Guangzhou Yuzhuang Robot Co., Ltd. will explain to you here.

1. Before entering the automatic production line, the floodlighting fixtures must be prepared in the warehouse according to the technical operation instructions. Then the staff on the LED floodlight assembly machine is responsible for picking up the materials needed for LED production in the warehouse. Large production stations. Then, the manager on the LED floodlight assembly machine checks the finished materials and is ready to start the first production of the LED lamps on the LED floodlight assembly machine.

2. Before the production of new LED lighting products, the skills of employees must be timely and effectively trained according to different types of work.

3, LED flood light assembly machine has higher requirements on the production process and standards. The production of traditional automatic assembly line generally does not consider the convenience and practical operation of large goods. The LED flood light assembly machine requires the transformation of the process structure from production. At the beginning, the effective process structure improvement of the LED flood light assembly machine helps to improve production efficiency.

4. The LED spotlight assembly machine must be open and timely in the material supply information and material arrival of the business department before and during the production process; the LED flood light assembly machine has higher and tighter requirements for production coordination.

5. The LED flood light assembly machine has higher requirements for equipment and auxiliary tools. The automatic production line must cooperate with industrial engineers to carry out effective equipment transformation.

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