Lamp assembly production line use precautions


A very important part of the lamp assembly line is the conveyor belt, which is mostly made of PVC. What issues need to be paid attention to during use? Guangzhou Yuzhuang Robot Co., Ltd. will analyze the precautions for the use of home appliance assembly lines.

1. Lamp assembly line The conveyor belt is made of PVC and cannot withstand high temperatures.

Do not touch dangerous materials such as fireworks, otherwise there will be a broken chain for danger; secondly, when the assembly line of the household appliance is working, it is not allowed to be forced to power off at will, because the motor is working, and if the power is cut off, the motor may be burnt out.

2. Do not pay attention to protection during use, so that the belt conveyor line is damaged prematurely.

Firstly, the cover layer is thinned or even the core layer is exposed, which reduces the service life of the conveyor line and increases the transportation cost. Secondly, for the conveyor line with different wear levels on both sides of the center line of the conveyor line, due to the local The tensile strength has changed, which further reduces the service life of the conveyor line.

3. After the outer surface of the belt conveyor line is thinned, the thickness of the joint will be different.

In operation, the joint position and the roller produce a strong scratch, which not only wears the idler but also shortens the joint life, especially when the new belt is overlapped with the old belt. For conveyor lines connected by vulcanization, lap joints are more difficult due to different thicknesses.

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