What can affect the efficiency of the spotlight automated assembly line?


In the production and operation of the spotlight automated assembly line, whether or not there is participation in the production machine or only manual participation, if there is no problem in the production process of the spotlight automated assembly line, there are some problems in advance and the problem of predictability is not timely. After the adjustment and adjustment, there will still be many problems that will inevitably disturb the production rhythm of the spotlight automated assembly line. Sometimes even the entire spotlight automated assembly line is interrupted, so there are many factors that affect the production of spotlight automated assembly lines. Guangzhou Yuzao Robot Co., Ltd. will discuss with you.

First, the transportation of the in-process lamps and spotlight automated assembly lines on the spotlight automated assembly line. As the source of the automatic assembly line of spotlights, the product lighting logistics is also an important part of the production in the factory. First, there must be a concept that the production factor determines the movement of the in-process lamps, that is, the unit time, the product is more The spotlight automated assembly line naturally requires more luminaire material. Then, in this case, it is necessary to choose an economical and reasonable transportation method for the flow of materials. When the transportation distance is short, there is still a non-stop rhythm to the automatic assembly line of the spotlight, and the rhythm should be controlled and cannot be in different workstations. Some are too busy, some have no materials available, so it is necessary to establish an effective control system to ensure the flow of materials, which requires the management of the spotlight automated assembly line has a wealth of management and control capabilities.

Second, the storage of the lighting warehouse is also a key point that affects the large energy efficiency of the spotlight automated assembly line, because if the material transportation is interrupted during the production of the spotlight, it means that the production of the spotlight automated assembly line is interrupted. At this time, the warehouse The storage capacity is also a key test object, that is, it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of storage at any time. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of production stoppage, and all auxiliary equipment will provide maintenance for production. And the service also plays an important role. This control requires the management and management personnel of the lighting production enterprise to have rich control and management capabilities.

Third, the more important point is the factory structure of the spotlight production enterprise, because once the factory building is established, the variability is very small. Therefore, in the initial stage of design, the structure of the plant should be planned and designed according to the characteristics of the shooting production. If many problems are not considered during the construction, the defects will be revealed during the normal production period of the lighting products, thus affecting the production. Efficiency, this time is very difficult to improve, only on this basis as far as possible is the production efficiency of the spotlight automated assembly line.