Development of edge sealing film shrinking machine


Nowadays, all the products in our daily life are basically wrapped in a film, so the function of the shrinking machine can be imagined for people nowadays. So how is the development of the specific edge-sealing film shrinking machine? What kind of development prospects does it have?

In order to better respond to the packaging needs of major manufacturers, the current shrinking machine has also led to its wide variety and a huge variety. As far as our domestic shrinking machine manufacturers are concerned, there are thousands of shrinking machine manufacturers in China, and China is also one of the major producers and demanders of this machine.

Although the demand is large, the production volume is large, and the sales volume is also large, but most of the shrinking machine industries in China are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, a few are large enterprises, and the company produces less than 10 annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan. Even compared with other domestic machinery industries, there is a big gap between the equipment and the technical level, as well as other domestic industries. However, there are very few units that have independent research and development capabilities for high-end technology products, so in many large-scale Among the more important projects such as petrochemical and nuclear power pipelines, the shrinking machines that are matched with them are mainly imported from abroad.

Although we still have a gap with foreign technology, we are looking at the current development situation in China. China is actively making progress and carrying out a lot of innovations in scientific research, and is committed to creating a machine that can meet the needs of the masses. At the same time, with the continuous adjustment of global industrial organizations, the packaging and processing machinery industry has also greatly accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring.