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GU10 cartoning machine It is a kind of packaging machinery, such as automatic cartoning machine and medicinal cartoning machine. The cartoning machine automatically inserts other products and instructions such as medicine bottles, medicine plates, ointments into the folding carton, and completes the action of the cover box. Some of the more functional paste cartoning machines also have a sealing label or heat. Additional features such as shrink wrap.


After filling in the filling area, the mechanism of the paste cartoning machine folds the ear into the left and right guide rails and then performs the closing operation. The front mechanism of the cover will first bend the tongue of the paper box, and then a push plate pushes the cover to bend, so that the tongue is inserted into the box and the lock is fastened. The capping action is a key action, and the quality of the carton has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.


To purchase the GU10 cartoning machine, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The design of the cartoning machine: The design and structure of the rugged machine can better resist external forces and vibrations and adapt to the harsh production environment. Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that the cartoner supplier uses high quality parts.

2. Customization: Choose a supplier that can customize the cartoning machine according to your requirements, and make subtle changes to the design to meet your real needs. The so-called customization, when it is easy, may only need to change the size, or replace an electronic component, and even redesign an important part of the machine when it is complicated. Suppliers should be able to manufacture machines and have all the necessary experience and customization capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution.

3. Flexibility: Packaging needs may change, now and in the future. So when choosing a cartoner, this can't be ignored. If you anticipate that the size of the carton or product will change in the future, make sure that the machine you buy can be modified, or that it can handle different sizes of cartons. In addition, you have to figure out if the speed of the sticker carton you want to buy can meet your current and future speed needs.

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