LED Bulb Assembly Machine

LED Bulb Assembly Machine

Equipment process description and advantages: 1 lamp-bubble assembly machine specific process steps: 2 large-disc common station, convenient production; this program parallel folder station detailed explanation of the large-scale station 1# station: semi-finished products automatic feeding / incoming material detection 2#

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Spotlight automated assembly line equipment process description and advantages:

1 lamp cap - blister assembly machine specific process steps:

2 large-disc adopts a common station, which is convenient for conversion; this program parallels the station

Detailed explanation of the station

Large market

1# station: semi-finished product automatic feeding / incoming material testing

2# station: the center line

3# station: upper lamp head

4# station: under the lamp head (suitable for plastic aluminum without thread)

5# station: twisting the lamp head (suitable for threaded aluminum)

6# station: check if the top lead passes through the E27/E26 base

7# station: cut the center line

8# station: curved midline

9# station: upper cap nail

10# station: complex light and power detection

11# station: cap nail pressing

12# station: needle

13# station: empty

14# station: flip

15# station: defective products

16# station: empty

Rubberized turntable station

1# station: loading inverted lights

2# station: lamp detection

3# station: automatic glue

4# station: automatic blister

5# station: blister detection (whether lack of material alarm)

6# station: blister compression

7# station: the bulb is taken out into the storage chain

8# station: empty

The assembly machine requires 2 operators, 1 semi-finished product to be loaded, 1 to discharge the bulb and collect the finished product, and can also take care of the feeding of other raw materials.

Parameter information

Equipment model: RY-ZP-AT80

Packing speed: 1200-1300 / hour

Bulb diameter: W (φ) 40-80 mm

(Width adjustable range: 40mm height adjustable range: 45mm)

Motor power: 1.2KW

Power type: three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz

Machine noise: ≤80dB

Air source: 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Air consumption: 20m3/h

Dimensions: 4400 × 2100 × 2000mm (including feeding, discharging)